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Coates Shorco

Geocast wall dewatering is the first stage in site Ground Water Management. Coates’ specialised dewatering systems are designed to pump groundwater from the aquifer to lower the water table below the Geocast invert. This allows construction of the wall to proceed and is the foundation to the second stage of Site Water Management.

Coates dewatering systems are able to cater for many different applications and have pumps specifically designed for wellpoint dewatering including the positive displacement piston pumps offering fuel and efficiency savings 25% that of normal vacuum primed centrifugal pumps.

Wellpoints are essentially shallow vacuum wells which offer an economic and versatile method of groundwater control particularly suited to the Geocast System. Their close spacings and use of vacuum can lead to effective results in stratified and fine graded soils. Offering ground water reduction from ground level between 4.0m to 6.0m, greater drawdown levels can be achieved by a multi-stage design.

Groundwater discharge is pumped to an approved discharge location subject to consultation with relevant authorities and geotechnical advice.